Getting to know how a computer works is NOT easy! There's so much to remember and there are so many little things that effect so many other little things...... it's crazy..


external image circuitboard_wallpaper.jpg

The Motherboard- ALSO known as a main board and a system board...
This is where everything comes TOGETHER>>> THE MEETING PLACE for all components. It houses the CPU. Every motherbaord is specifically designed to house a certain CPU. The motherboard is electronic and supplies a COMMUNICATION PATHWAY. It supplies POWER.
external image motherboard-callouts.jpg
ABOVE: Labbeled diagram of a MOTHERBOARD
CPU- ALSO known as the processor...
The Central Processing Unit.All transactions take place in the CPU. It deals with each instruction in a series of different steps. This set of steps is known as the machine cycle. Components of the CPU include:
  • control unit
  • ALU

NOW... the CPU is the most important, but without RAM, it cannot do anything. It needs a place to store all the data it uses. RAM is the most important, after the CPU. It is used to store the critical components of the operating system (like Windows XP or Linux). It is electronic, there it can work at very high speeds. When buying your own computer, you always need to look at the memory space. It is measured in bytes.
external image computer-memory-ram.jpg
The more RAM, the better! Usually 2GB of RAM is good enough. 4GB is very good, but you can go for biger and better! Another form of memory is the hard drive.